About the Author

How do you learn about real love? Foreverlove. I’m Graeme Hanson and I think you watch The Bachelor and then write about it the next morning. In 1996 I was an All-Wesco outfielder. Today I wear shawl-neck sweaters. I love the way Patrick Swayze’s hair looks when he runs in Point Break. I invite you to curl up nice and comfy, grab a glass of chardonnay, and let my words wash over you.



  1. Shannon (Hazlitt) King · August 10, 2017

    Oh Graeme, your writing makes me happy. I should’ve known you had it in you long ago, when you forgot your clothes for our coed volleyball game, went shopping at Goodwill, and appeared wearing very short running shorts and a half-shirt w/ 2 teenage girls on it that said something like “Ashley & Becky, best friends forever”. That is a man who had Forever love in him all along!
    – Shannon (Hazlitt) King


  2. Linda Swift · January 13, 2017

    Oh, Graeme, what WOULD we do without you breaking this documentary down, bit by bit, boob by boob? You are every Bachelor-watching folks therapist, helping us navigate through this wonderful, glorious mess of a train wreck. Keep n keepin’ on!! Linda


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